Vintage Styles Range from Industrial to Shabby Chic

This entry was posted on September 25, 2016 by Jeniffer Bello.

When homeowners decide to outfit their outdoor living spaces with vintage patio furniture, they can choose from sleek industrial-inspired pieces to shabby chic decorating. The term "vintage" is one of the most versatile and eclectic styles in home decor. Choosing a style is all about personalizing the look that best suits one's taste.

The industrial chic line of vintage design juxtaposes rustic tables with metal lighting fixtures and rolling carts. Vintage architectural elements that convey the look of an old factory can also be incorporated with cement floors and brick walls that characterize urban loft living. The style fits as well on the expansive deck of a suburban home as it does with a patio outside a city townhouse.

An industrial look lends itself well to an outdoor setting where patio dining sets and patio chairs that simulate the industrial look of metal shelving. Stainless steel appliances in outdoor kitchens are another element that ties it together.

Country Living Magazine reports that one century-old millworker's cottage in Atlanta featured a high school locker for storage and swivel stools reminiscent of an ice cream counter at an old pharmacy.

Homeowners who enjoy rummaging through flea markets and antique stores are sure to find some of these elements if they want to create an interesting combination of vintage and modern decor.

The Other Side of Vintage
Another style of vintage decorating is as different from the industrial motif as can be. Shabby chic often focuses on botanical or seashore themes with subdued colors and patterns that include stripes and soft florals. Combined with wicker patio furniture, it's a look that's well-suited to outdoor living.

Reminiscent of a beachside cottage, HGTV states that designing a patio in shabby chic style is affordable and easy to achieve. Painted white accent pieces, baskets and all-weather natural fiber rugs all contribute to the look.

Among the features that add to this atmosphere of comfort, homeowners should consider having outdoor chaise lounges and other seating with deep cushions. They are a particularly good fit with shabby chic when done in creamy white, light gray, dusty peach and soft green. Such hues are a good match to throw rugs, sheer curtains and vintage accessories.

As a natural backdrop, an array of potted plants works as well with the hues and textures of the ocean - blue, yellow and sandy brown. Seashells and other beachside elements are a natural choices for accessories.

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