Versatile Styles and Wide-ranging Colors Distinguish Today's Patio Umbrellas

This entry was posted on October 16, 2017 by Jeniffer Bello.

With an array of colors and patterns available, umbrellas have come into their own on patios and decks. They go beyond the traditional accessory that attaches to patio tables. Consumers today have a range of styles and sizes in outdoor umbrellas that allow them flexibility in their design plans.

While they still serve the function of keeping sun and showers in check, umbrellas shouldn't be overlooked as decorative features. They can be matched to any style of patio furniture. Getting an umbrella in an all-weather fabric ensures that it will stand up to the elements and resist sun and water damage.

They are constructed of a variety of materials, from traditional wood to aluminum and fiberglass, according to Homeowners may choose the construction materials that work best with their outdoor layout and furnishings.

In addition to home use, umbrellas are a mainstay of al fresco dining areas of restaurants. Their functional features are particularly important where commercial patio furniture is in continuous use.

Size is also a factor, depending on how much space is available on the patio, as well as the amount of coverage desired by homeowners. reports that many umbrellas tilt or rotate, which provides control over the amount of shade and sun needed in a particular area. They can be tilted by using a crank or push button on most models.

Free-standing or "offset" umbrellas have another versatile feature. They can be moved easily to other sections of the outdoor living space as the sun changes position or to make room in an area that needs to be left open when visitors arrive for a gathering. Offset versions often are among the largest of patio umbrellas, able to provide coverage over patio dining sets or a separate seating area.

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