Plants and Foliage Integrate Easily within a Patio Design Plan

This entry was posted on September 21, 2016 by Jeniffer Bello.

Coupled with a small patio table and bistro-style chairs, homeowners can create a quiet nook with greenery as the backdrop. On a platform patio in the middle of a backyard lawn, setting large plants at all four corners has the same effect. Greenery offers privacy and an instant garden look when it's used in imaginatively.

There are many ways to incorporate foliage into a patio or deck design plan. Using existing structures such as deck railings or walls and fences around a yard makes good use of the barriers already in place.

Adding trellis panels in white or natural wood tones to a large planter can act as a privacy barrier when added to a patio or deck that is fully exposed to onlookers. They are an architectural feature by themselves or a plant support, which is the traditional use of a trellis, according to Tall ornamental grasses are an attractive backdrop to container flowers and will add some height to the barrier.

The collection of planters and container foliage chosen for an outdoor living space will  provide some shade and give definition to the outside area. For a taller barrier, homeowners can attach a full-length board of lattice to a rectangular planter that offers privacy and a windbreak. Flowing vines attached to the lattice will eventually turn it into a wall of greenery.

Plant Selection
Real Simple Magazine suggests buying a selection of plants that have already blossomed so homeowners will always have mature greenery instead of waiting for them to grow in. Varieties that often come in hanging baskets are among the best choices, including daisies, scaevolas and geraniums.

Another alternative is to create a quick water garden and place that on bare ground. Choose a metal tub or a large ceramic pot to fill with water and hold an array of aquatic plants such as water lettuce and decorate them with floating candles or glass cylinders that will stay adrift. Placed next to patio chairs or outdoor chaise lounges, they will create a transition between flower beds and the patio.

Creating the look of a filled-in garden extends the amount of time that homeowners can enjoy their outdoor living areas. For homeowners who live in colder climates, some plants can be moved indoors and will thrive in a sun room or enclosed porch. Local nurseries will be able to offer advice on what species will succeed best when transitioned from the outdoors to an inside space.

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