Patio Use Extended by New All-weather Products

This entry was posted on September 23, 2016 by Jeniffer Bello.

The mainstays of patio furniture - outdoor chaise lounges and patio dining sets - are now augmented by a variety of outside furnishings. The trend reflects that activities on patios and decks have expanded well beyond grilling. Homeowners have a choice of all-weather products to make make life outdoors easier.

Outdoor daybeds, for instance, have become popular on patios and decks. They can accommodate several people during a party. For daily use, they are a good choice for relaxing with a magazine or having children use it to play a board game.

Homeowners are preparing full meals in outdoor cooking stations that rival indoor kitchen designs. In addition to the tradition grill, there are outdoor ovens with warming areas, an array of appliances intended for outdoor use and counterspace for meal preparation.

Using planters as patio partitions allows homeowners to make greenery and flowers part of the design scheme while separating areas intended for specific uses. The plants can be changed with seasonal displays of blooms, particularly in warm weather states such as California, where gardens are abundant year-round.

For night-time entertaining, homeowners may keep their families and guests comfortable with patio heaters or a fire pit. Outdoor lighting has expanded from candlelight and wall sconces to string lights, energy-saving LED illumination and weather-resistant lamps that provide a variety of overhead and task lighting.

Outdoor Entertainment
If parents are trying to entice junior members of the family to join them on their patio, electronics may be the way to do it. Being outdoors is no longer a hindrance to enjoying an entertainment system in an outdoor living space.

With more wireless products, families can do a lot more than just browse on a laptop. All-weather LCD televisions, gaming electronics and wireless outdoor speakers are among the options.

According to, some entertainment systems are designed to blend in with natural elements. Often constructed of waterproof materials, they are built to withstand everything from insects to extreme heat.

Families can put together electronic hook-ups that suit their particular interests. If they are avid movie fans, parents and children can take turns choosing a favorite movie to view together. A collection of games to suit the whole family's interests can be assembled for outdoor use.

The growth of outdoor entertainment also requires homeowners to choose appliances that are scaled to the outdoor space. By doing this, they improve visibility and audio from patio chairs that are situated throughout the area.

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