Outdoor Dining May Be Enjoyed in a Variety of Configurations

This entry was posted on September 22, 2016 by Jeniffer Bello.

With the popularity of outdoor living spaces, there's no better place than a patio or deck to combine a good meal and quality time with family members. Choosing the right patio dining sets is a good place to start when creating a family-friendly area. A gathering spot that's comfortable for children and adults is touted by family life experts as an ideal way to boost interaction between generations.

Patio chairs must be easily accessible to both youngsters and grown-ups when having a meal, participating in a board game or doing craft projects. Collapsible chairs should be avoided around children to prevent a mishap.

HGTV designer Kim Myles warns home decorators not to skimp on color when it comes to family spaces. She once designed a tropical-themed patio for a couple and their children that included a pergola painted bright blue and topped with a white tarp for shade.

While outdoor chaise lounges encourage relaxation for adults, a double-sized chaise is a great place where adults can read to children from their favorite books.

A trellis can provide an outdoor surface to hang children's artwork and add some hooks to hold some of their art supplies. A small bulletin board can be added to post family messages.

Different Options
Dining outdoors is one of the great pleasures of having a patio or deck. Homeowners who want to emulate al fresco dining at their favorite restaurant should choose outdoor furnishings that are as stylish and durable as commercial patio furniture. With a few flourishes, they will be ready for intimate dinners as well as bigger gatherings.

Mixing up patio seating arrangements by using different configurations for dining will depend on one's needs at a given time. In addition to their main dining area, small side tables or ottomans are convenient surfaces to place alongside sectional sofas or deck benches.

Glass tops on smaller surfaces protect the furniture from spills and provide easy clean-up. However, only glass that has been tempered to resist breaking should be used outdoors, advises Coastal Living magazine.

All-weather fabrics for use outdoors resist not only sun and water damage, but often repel stains from spilled food and beverages. A wide range of colors and patterns for seat cushions, tablecloths and other soft furnishings allow all-weather fabrics to be incorporated easily into a patio or deck's color scheme.

For ready-made seating, benches built into deck railings or set along a patio wall can accommodate several people. A table can be moved up to a bench for seats on one side, and patio chairs added around the other three sides.

Variety in Shapes and Sizes
While patio dining sets are a mainstay in outdoor décor, having a variety of chairs and tables throughout a patio or deck adds a more informal style to an outdoor space.

Square or rectangular patio tables may take up less space when they are pushed neatly against a wall or home exterior. But round and oval tables are  best for larger groups because they accommodate odd numbers of diners more comfortably. Trestle-style leg supports that don't require chairs to be adjusted around them are available in both traditional or modern designs.

A bistro table and patio chairs offers cozy seating when homeowners want to create a table for two. Bar stools used at a dining counter or high bar tables have a contemporary, casual look.

According to PatioFurnitureUSA, serving carts are an easy way to make dining a mobile experience. For guests who want to mingle and munch at the same time, a couple of serving trays can hold a selection of beverages and snacks. Or, they can be set up as separate stations during a buffet.

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