Historical Accuracy and Modern Conveniences Merge in Patio Design

This entry was posted on September 29, 2016 by Jeniffer Bello.

Homeowners are trending toward more nostalgic designs in their home styles. But that doesn't mean they want to give up the convenience of low-maintenance furnishings, such as all-weather patio furniture. Combining the two allows people to choose their favorite architecture without giving up modern comforts.

According to a study by homes supplier James Hardie Building Products, the "Authentic Modern Trend Report" found that period-style homes may remain true to their historical look when homeowners use durable building products that withstand the elements.

Whether they are restoring a 1920s bungalow or a mid-century ranch home, today's homeowners want energy-efficient and eco-friendly building materials. When they choose outdoor furnishings, their selections frequently include those that stand up to various weather conditions.

Choosing all-weather fabrics to cover cushions for outdoor chaise lounges and patio chairs is important. Resin wicker patio furniture is also made with weather-resistant material that allows it to withstand sun and water damage.

Cottage to Ranch Style
OldHouseWeb.com advises homeowners to educate themselves about the characteristics of particular eras when it comes to the design plan and landscaping for outdoor living spaces so they will match the historical mood of the home. A contemporary ranch home, for instance, would not be in sync with a patio design that called for Victorian architectural features. Keeping the style consistent allows a natural flow to develop from the home's interior to the outside.

The size of both the homeowners' property and budget will guide their choices initially. Then they can envision the look they are after and how best to bring it about by using examples from design magazines and books to provide authenticity.

Homeowners who like one-story cottage and bungalow-style homes can go in a couple of directions for their decorating needs. Their outdoor spaces can be rustic and woodsy or beachside casual with a seashore theme. Informal dining options include patio dining sets in a single dining area to a selection of smaller patio chairs and tables set around the space to give homeowners a choice of seating arrangements.

Wicker patio furniture is a natural choice for cottage or bungalow design. Seat cushions can be slipcovered in all-weather fabrics of muted colors or patterns that fit these styles and may be changed according to the season.

Combining patterns fits the casual style of bungalow living with florals for cottage decor or plaids for a more rustic style. For instance, using floral prints in muted shades for patio chair cushions is one way to express the atmosphere of the 1940s.

Mid-century Style Gains Fans
What's old is often new again when it comes to furniture. Beyond antiques, there is a world of collectibles that includes "mid-century" furnishings, an array of outdoor-friendly styles from the 1950s to 1970s. Interest in retro patio furniture sets, in particular, has been growing as it appeals to several generations.

One of the favorites from the era is the egg chair, which has an egg-shaped frame and cushioned seating. It's a great selection for a patio chair that goes well with current-day outdoor furnishings. The sleek look of outdoor daybeds is another good choice for an updated mid-century look.

Lighting that was popular in the 1960s includes pole lamps, which play up the nostalgic mood but don't look out of place with modern furnishings. They have made a comeback and are useful for outdoor spaces with an overhang where they can be attached.

Homeowners can also emulate the era with geometric patterns on their area rugs and pillows by using bold colors that fit both a contemporary and retro look.

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